We are passionate about people 

Every attorney and staff member of our firm genuinely cares about the people we represent and understand that tragic situations scream out for compassionate people. We value every relationship that touches our firm – with our clients, our former clients, our referral lawyers, and all those we encounter.

We are passionate about the truth

We believe the most powerful weapon in litigation is the truth. In today’s world, truth is a rare commodity and it takes dedication to discover the real truth and effectively communicate that truth in boardrooms and courtrooms. The only way to truly discover the truth is to have the time, talent and resources to figure out what actually happened.

” Our strategy for discovering the truth has been to assemble a team of serious lawyers who strategically focus their practice on a select number of worthy cases. ” 

We also have made a conscious choice to work as a team on our cases. By working as a team, we are able to leverage the unique and creative talents of each attorney in our office. The synergy and combined resources of our team allows our lawyers to match up against the largest law firms and the most powerful corporations.

We are passionate about making an impact

It is a great responsibility to help people in their greatest time of need. Our history demonstrates a commitment to helping people who desperately need serious legal representation, battling against the odds, and making a life changing impact in our client’s lives. That impact is often financial but we also take a deep personal interest in the well being of our clients.

On a local and global scale, we are committed to make a difference in this world. Whether it is helping the working poor in Orlando, building clean water wells in Africa or helping to build homes for struggling families in the Dominican Republic, we are humbled by the opportunity to serve those around us.

We believe our lives matter and we are bonded together by a common purpose to honor God, serve people, pursue the truth, and make an impact in this world.