Burn Injury Lawyers

Orlando Burn Injury LawyersAccording to the American Burn Association, approximately 450,000 Americans receive medical treatment for burns each year. Many burns that occur are a consequence of a negligent situation. If burns were caused by the negligence or misconduct of another, burn injury lawyers may be able to assist patients in recovering costs stemming from burn injuries.

Orlando Burn Injury Lawyers

Burn injury lawyers have specialized knowledge of the laws surrounding burn injuries. There may be complexities within burn injury cases regarding faulty products, landlord or hotel manager negligence, or other situations which hold individuals or establishments liable for the burn injury. Burn injury lawyers may be able to provide assistance in determining this liability, as well as assimilating the steps necessary to prove that misconduct caused the burn injury.

Types of Burn Injuries

The type of burn injury is an important indicator in determining where liability for the injury lies. If the injury is a chemical burn, the fault may lie with an employer or party responsible for maintaining chemical balances, such as a pool maintenance company. If the injury is from electricity, the individual or company responsible for maintaining the electrical integrity of a building may be liable.

Types of burn injuries which may help to determine liability include:

  • Flash burns from explosions
  • Thermal burns from exposure to flame or heat sources
  • Hot water burns from improperly maintained hot water heaters or heating systems

Location of Burn Incident

The location in which the burn injury occurred is very important in determining the party responsible for the burn. If the injury occurred in a home, the person or company that owns the home is typically responsible for maintaining hot water heaters, electrical systems, and other systems that have the potential to cause burn injuries. If the home is rented from a landlord, this responsibility most often falls to the landlord or company responsible for maintaining the property, unless otherwise specified in a leasing agreement.

Workplace or Job Site

If a burn injury occurred at a workplace or on a job site, the employer may be liable for the burn injury. Injuries that occurred while both the employee and the employer were following all rules and safety precautions according to OSHA standards may be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. If an employer is found to have violated OSHA standards, however, the employer may be liable. Workplace burn injuries may also be caused by faulty products or equipment, in which case the manufacturer may be liable.

Business or Establishment

If a burn injury occurs while an individual is visiting a business, the owner of the business may be liable for covering costs stemming from the injury. Hotels, retail stores, theme parks, restaurants, banks, and any other type of business that offers goods or services to paying customers assumes responsibility for the safety of the customers while visiting the establishment. If a burn injury occurs while visiting a business, burn injury lawyers may be invaluable in proving that the business is liable for the injury.

Auto Accident

If a burn injury has been caused by an automobile accident, the party that is determined to be at fault may be liable for the injury. In some cases, manufacturers may also be responsible for burn injuries incurred during auto accidents. If safety features did not function properly to prevent injuries or defects in the design of automobile caused the burns, the vehicle or part manufacturer may be held liable. A burn injury lawyer may be able to assist in determining the responsible party for injuries of this nature.

Burn Injuries Compensation

Burn injuries often cause psychological pain in addition to physical pain and scars. Individuals may require costly medical treatments and therapy, miss time from work, and lose quality of life as a result of a burn injury. Burn injury lawyers may be able to assist patients in recovering costs and receiving compensation for the pain and suffering caused by a burn injury.



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