Florida Hurricane Damage AttorneysHurricanes are unpredictable and can cause damage to homes, property, and belongings. While some general insurance policies may cover damage incurred from hurricanes, most insurance companies require home, vehicle, and business owners to purchase extended coverage packages in order to cover hurricane damage. In some cases, insurance companies will deny claims even when policy holders have purchased extended coverage options to cover hurricane damage. Hurricane damage attorneys may be able to assist insurance policy holders in recovering costs due from insurance companies for hurricane damage.

Hurricane Damage Attorneys’ Assistance

Insurance policy holders that have been affected by hurricanes may wish to contact a hurricane damage attorney as soon as possible following a hurricane. An experienced hurricane damage attorney will be able to review the insurance policy at length and advise the policy holder on what hurricane damages will be covered by the policy. This can help to eliminate disputes stemming from misunderstood passages within the policy, and can help the policy holder to understand what compensation is due.

Hurricane Damage Insurance Disputes

Home, vehicle, or business owners that have been impacted by a hurricane may wish to begin cleanup and repair efforts as soon as possible following a hurricane. However, insurance companies often require assessors to evaluate hurricane damage and submit a summary before covering the cost of repairs. If cleanup efforts have begun prior to the date of the assessment, the insurance company may not reimburse the policy holder for efforts taken without express consent from the insurance company. It is advisable to contact the insurance company and a hurricane damage attorney prior to beginning cleanup efforts to avoid denied claims.

Damages Not Covered

Many hurricane insurance policies cover damage that has been caused by hurricane winds, but not damage caused by hurricane flooding. If this is expressly stated in a hurricane insurance policy, the insurance company may not be liable for the damage. However, if the policy is unclear about which damages are covered and attempts to deny a claim based on wording that is vague or misleading, a hurricane damage attorney may be able to assist the policy holder in recovering rightful compensation.

Fraudulent Contractors

Following any natural disaster that causes major damage, it is common for unlicensed contractors to attempt to profit from unsuspecting home and business owners. These contractors may tell home and business owners that the insurance company has requested services to repair damage, and that payment will be reimbursed. Home and business owners should contact the insurance company prior to allowing any repairs to ensure that the cost of repairs will be covered and that the contractors have the necessary qualifications to complete the repairs.

Hurricane Claims Process

Any insurance policy holder that believes there is hurricane damage to property or a building that should be covered under an insurance policy should contact the insurance company, and in some cases a hurricane damage attorney, as soon as possible. Working with the insurance company to begin the process for filing claims may help to ensure that claims are filed properly and that disputes do not arise. In most cases, insurance companies will be able to walk policy holders through the process for filing a claim and evaluate what damages are covered under the policy.

Record Keeping

Taking pictures of the damage and compiling a rudimentary estimate of the damage are record keeping tactics that may be helpful in receiving proper compensation from the insurance company. These records may be helpful in taking legal action against the insurance company if the claim is denied and the help of a hurricane damage attorney is needed. A hurricane damage attorney may be able to provide further advice for obtaining information that may be helpful for recovering costs from hurricane damage.

Denied Hurricane Insurance Claims

If a hurricane damage claim has been denied, a hurricane damage attorney may be able to provide assistance for appealing the claim or filing a suit against the insurance company. Many insurance companies intentionally mislead customers to avoid paying legitimate hurricane damage claims. A hurricane damage attorney may be able to prove that the policy holder has been misled and that the denial of the claim is illegal.



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