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August 2, 2013
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The historic and reputable program  Frontline recently completed a year-long investigation into assisted living abuse and neglect. In a 5 chapter episode,  Frontline exposes a multi-billion dollar industry that’s been putting the health and safety of our seniors at risk for over three decades. With over a million Americans living in assisted living facilities, how will for profit care and state governments work together to enhance the care of our seniors?

Assisted living abuse has become more of an epidemic in this country than most realize. Some state officials are quoted on Frontline saying that, “Assisted living is the rock no one wants to look under”.  Each year, nearly 1/10 American’s living in our assisted living facilities are abused or neglected. Unfortunately, only a fraction of those instances are ever even reported. With abuse injuries ranging from sepsis to bedsores, how can assisted living facilities in the next decade enhance their ability to care for their patients with minimal state regulations?

One of the main issues with the multi-billion dollar for profit assisted living facilities is the lack of national and state regulation. While some laws are in place in most states, regulators argue they aren’t nearly enough to enhance the safety and well-being of the seniors living in these  homes. States like Florida, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma have some of the highest rates of nursing and assisted living abuse and neglect.  How can companies like Emeritus actually help alzheimer’s patients with the only goal in mind of facility directors is to fill beds and meet quotas?

Companies like Emeritus have had a strong hold on the industry for nearly two decades. The 75+ demographics in this nation are growing at an astronomical rate. The baby boomer generation is getting sicker and older. The assisted living facilities of today are turning into the nursing homes of 20 years ago. Unfortunately today assisted living facilities are flooded with people who belong in actual nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities.

Raising awareness through videos like frontline is step one. As attorneys here at Paul & Perkins, we’re passionate about this topic. So much so, we created a guide to nursing & assisted living abuse for our clients and the public. Please visit Nursing Home Abuse Guide for more information on assisted living abuse & neglect.

To watch the video on frontline, please visit the video link here.  Feel free to share your comments and thoughts below.

Paul Perkins
Paul Perkins
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