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From serious accidents to serious traumatic injury, to professional negligence or medical malpractice, and any life altering events causing extreme pain, suffering, and loss to a victim or family, Floridians have come to know Orlando personal injury attorney law firm, Paul & Perkins P.A. to be the go-to trial lawyers and leading Orlando auto accident attorneys in the state for select major trial litigation. Many victims, when faced with serious accidents, injury, and loss, feel they have nowhere to turn, that the company, organization, manufacturer, operator, or hospital responsible for their pain and suffering is too large to fight, too wealthy to fail, or too corrupt to beat. If your case is strong, and fits our select criteria, Paul & Perkins will proudly defend your rights to bring the rightful perpetrator to truth and justice, and awarding you your rightful claim and compensation.

At Paul & Perkins, our trial lawyers and staff are all veterans of multiple, large trial lawsuit victories in Orlando and the state of Florida, having our team of Orlando personal injury attorneys, staff, and expert resources at your side, no matter who the adversary, is likened to bringing a tank to a gunfight, TRUTH is what we seek, TRUTH is how we win, TRUTH is justice, pure and simple! In fact, it is known and proven through our many trials, victories, and settlements within the state, that oftentimes claims taken on by Paul & Perkins are settled very expeditiously after the claim is filed, as many of our adversaries know, when Paul & Perkins seeks justice through truth, non-truth, has no case.

Paul & Perkins passion for defending the rights of those who's lives are forever altered by wrongful tragedy and injury is taken very seriously. We encourage anyone prior to submitting a case for review to read the Paul & Perkins mission statement for a better understanding of our promise to you, if you're case is considered. Read on to see summaries of specific claims the Orlando personal injury lawyers of Paul & Perkins P.A. pursue for select clients.

Orlando Medical Malpractice Attorneys - Professional Negligence and Medical Malpractice Claims

When reliance is put on professionals of any expertise by an individual or family be it engineers, architects, doctors, insurance agents, or CPA's to name a few, and the outcome alters the lives or physically injures the individual or family, litigation can be sought through a professional negligence claim and once a top Orlando professional negligence attorney is retained. If you feel you have suffered from a serious and legitimate personal negligence accident or incident, please contact Paul & Perkins today by calling (407) 540-0122 or click here to contact us online and a Paul & Perkins team member will get back to you promptly. Also feel free to check out our new site centered around Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect .

Another form of professional negligence is medical malpractice. While Paul & Perkins believes all medical providers and doctors do their best to operate safely and correctly under their practice, sometimes patients lives and health are put at risk by reckless procedure and medical negligence that warrants the need for a top Orlando medical malpractice attorney to help them file and pursue a medical negligence claim in Florida.

If you believe you have been the victim of a serious and valid case of medical malpractice or negligence please call us today at (407) 540-0122.