Client Testimonials

Here are some firm testimonials from our former clients, attorneys we partner with on cases, and friends of our firm.  Please review us below!



“Kudos to Jason Paul and his staff!! I had very little previous communication with any attorney prior to Jason Paul. When I first met Jason Paul, we were complete strangers. Through Jason, he explained in detail every step, detail, procedure and process that we would encounter. Jason was very clear in his communications both written and orally. It took approximately two years from the time I originally spoke with Jason Paul for the case to be settled and I was extremely happy with the results. Looking back there was not a single component of the case that I would change even if I could. Jason is a true professional that is absolutely working for and looking out for his clients best interest! I would not hesitate to personally use his services again or recommend him to anyone else. After the case was settled, I do consider Jason Paul and his staff to be an extended part of my family that I previously lost. They were nothing less than wonderful!”


“David Paul is just that…a good and decent lawyer who conducts his business with the highest integrity. David worked on our case dealing with a loss due to a tornado. There is one part in this case that stood out. David wanted some information on building practices in the 90’s and after an exhaustive search found the information in the library. The only thing, this library was not in town. That did not stop him, he sent his secretary to check out the book so he could gather the information needed for our case. He did things like this all through the case. This is just one example of his tenacity to find out the bottom line and get the facts out in court. I think on the rating there should be a field entitled Morality because it really defines a person. If it were on the overall rating, David would receive an excellent. Both his personal and professional morals match. Which is rare in our day and time. Since my wife and I lived through the ordeal of a tornado ramming through our house, we had some opinions on the case ourself. David listened to every one of our suggestions and took them into consideration. He did not treat them as just “dumb” ideas but weighed them with how they could be incorporated into the overall case. I have to admit, I went through a lot of yellow sticky pads and he treated each and every one with the same respect. In the court room he was a genius. I don’t say that lightly because he calculated every step. And those steps that came out of left field were handled with his assuredness of the case. From the beginning to the end of the case David was steadfast and we knew he had our best interest at heart. If we ever had another case there would be no question about hiring David. Towards the end of our case when I saw how much he gave of himself and how hard he worked and fought, I knew that no matter what the outcome would be I could have not asked for more. David Paul started just as my lawyer but, today he is my friend.”

Robert & Lisa M.

“Mr. Perkins and his lawyers are the best at what they do. He and his team represented me with enthusiasm, skill, and integrity. I know Mr. Perkins deeply cares about his clients and understands the importance of his work. His talent is obvious in and out of the courtroom. I strongly recommend Paul & Perkins PA and their wonderful team and thank them for their tireless support on my personal injury case.”

Dana E.

“Jason & David Paul represented me in a personal injury case. I feel so fortunate and blessed that I had them in my corner. They were overwhelmingly prepared in every stage of my case. They take a limited number of cases so that they can dedicate their time to you legally, as well as personally. My family & I can’t say enough positive things about Paul & Perkins!”

John D.

 “I have had a professional relationship with Paul & Perkins since I first worked with David Paul over a decade ago. Recently, I have worked mostly with Scott Murphy, and also with Jason Paul. I have found the attorney’s to be experienced, thorough, intelligent, insightful, diligent, personable, and committed. I recommend this firm and its attorneys very highly, and without reservation.”

Sidney A.

“When I had a terrible fall while living in Florida, I needed someone to represent me in a possible lawsuit for damages. Jason Paul was the attorney that I used. We worked together for almost 2 years to bring the action taken against 3 defendants to fruition. During this period of time, I felt so blessed to have Jason handling everything for me. Not only did he give me excellent representation, but kept me informed, almost on a daily basis as to the status of my case. He was so patient, honest and caring and actually became one of my “friends.” The professional manner in which he conducted himself has left a most favorable lasting impression for me. The best thing~~~~~he won the case ~~~hands down !!!!”